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​ This is a high-level course that is detailed and comprehensive. You will be fully supported and mentored by our qualified and experienced Principal Aromatherapy Tutor and a practicing Aromatherapist who has real-life experience running a successful aromatherapy business.

This is accredited by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and the Federation of Professional Therapies (FHT). This course will provide you with everything you need to know to become a Professional Aromatherapist Practitioner. You will be able to gain insurance and start your own business offering bespoke aromatherapy prescriptions and treatments. Please read the detailed and comprehensive course prospectus by clicking on the PDF file below. ​

My course offers several learning options including.

  • ·       Comprehensive downloadable course notes with space for making your notes and observations.

  • ·       Useful handouts that will become invaluable for quick reference.

  • ·       The course is fully narrated so pop on your headphones and submerse yourself by listening.

  • ·       Online testing – you can take the tests as often as you want to without being penalized. This is a fundamental key to learning thoroughly. There is a multiple-choice quiz at the end of every section.

  • ·       There are lots of assessments to complete to encourage you to research and deepen your knowledge of aromatherapy.

  • ·       Research articles are available throughout the course.

  • ·       You will not need any other textbooks other than one or two that are recommended.

  • ·       The complete course contains a detailed profile of 60 essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols. Please click on the PDF below to view a sample.

The course offers blended learning with 80% of theory completed online and via Zoom classes. Massage is 6 days in-house and is the equivalent of NVQ level 3. Massage training includes body massage, hand and feet massage, facial massage, and scalp massage. This will enable you to provide full and part treatments to your clients. Below is a simple list of treatments you could consider but with creativity you can expand on these offerings.

  • ·       90-minute aromatherapy full body massage

  • ·       45-minute aromatherapy facial

  • ·       30-minute aromatherapy express back massage

  • ·       45-minute aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage

These are just ideas, and you can be more creative with your descriptions to attract clientele.

In terms of offering bespoke aromatherapy treatments and prescriptions, you could make blends that are more specific to symptoms of certain conditions.

  • ·       Aromatherapy for muscular aches and pains

  • ·       Aromatherapy for head tension

  • ·       Aromatherapy for hormonal balance

  • ·       Aromatherapy for skin conditions

  • ·       Aromatherapy for respiratory conditions

  • ·       Aromatherapy for digestive conditions

  • ·       Aromatherapy for stress relief

  • ·       Aromatherapy for anxiety

  • ·       Aromatherapy for sleep

  • ·       Aromatherapy for relaxation

  • ·       Aromatherapy for circulation

Please be aware that we cannot make medical claims and that our approach is holistic which means that we aim to treat the whole person rather than cure a condition.

Download the IFPA course prospectus by clicking on the PDF file below.

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