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Nutrition Therapy


Personalised nutrition therapy
A Super healthy confident new you!

When I first started offering Nutritional advice it became clear that actually what most people need is encouragement to make simple, healthy, delicious tasting food, where to buy ingredients and how to make cooking from scratch much less daunting.

I am passionate about the prevention and reversing of type II diabetes through eating well to maintain healthy weight and blood pressure. I have become increasingly interested in eating for energy, fertility, skin conditions and all sorts of other medical related conditions.

There are lots of variations of diets so perhaps you just need to find one that suits you as an individual for long term good health.


So what is different about my services? Well, I treat you as a whole person on an individual basis to help you to find the right foods for your aims and objectives and include exercise goals for life. I will look at your eating habits and food likes to ensure you enjoy what you put into your body.


My aim is to set you on your path to health and fitness and for you to take control going forward because I know it is achievable because I am proof.  So here is what is included.

All I need from you is a totally honest average weeks food diary and a bit of faith in me to help you.

Here is what is included in our 2 hour session.


  • Food diary chat through

  • Practical session - Preparing and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner in my kitchen.

  • Food label awareness

  • Where to buy specialised foods

  • Around 50 recipes especially sourced to give you flexibility, options and no expensive cook books


Price £65


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